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Vamar Construction Stands For Quality In All Of Our Services

Specialized And General Contracting

Our company has been offering quality general and specialized contracting services for years and we sincerely hope to put our expertise to work for you on your next project. One of the many features and services that our clients have come to expect is our specialized ability to produce substantive budgets. We do this by utilizing our extensive experience in the project fields that we have dealt with for decades. We can search our database and typically make very accurate estimates for many different types of construction projects so that our clients will have a good idea of the cost associated with their project from our end.

Design-Build & Management

Vamar Construction offers not only general contracting, but design-build options that can result in a substantial cost decreases in some types of projects. This is made possible by allowing us to manage and effectively stream-line the cost and schedule of your project. We offer some of the most reliable and utilized construction management in the GTA. Our team can be your eyes and ears from the very beginning to the end of your project, or simply start from any point on your project time line. We can help to ensure that your project stays on schedule, within budget and is kept at the utmost quality. If you choose Vamar Construction for your next project you are choosing quality.

Our Commitment To You

Our commitment to you is that your project is our project, your deadline is our deadline and your budget is our budget. Our management team is among the best at creatively problem solving before and during construction to ensure that all of your project goals are met and that you are highly satisfied. We offer impressive services for General Contracting, Specialized Contracting, Project Management, Design Build Projects and Remodels of almost any type of property. Please contact Vamar Construction today to learn more about all of our services and book an appointment to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable customer services representatives.

Time Tells All

There is an old folk saying that states, “Time tells all.” Decades have passed since our company founders first started working in the construction industry and like the countless customized projects that we have completed over the years Vamar Construction has built a reputation that is the highest quality in our industry. Every client that we make happy is another brick added to our company’s foundation. We build to impress and the long list of highly satisfied clients that we have will show you that the quality and craftsmanship of work speaks for itself. We are an honest company that deeply believes that it is easier to maintain integrity, rather than regain it, so you are going to get our best the first time, every time.

The Vamar Difference Is In The Detail

Do you want to know what makes our construction company different from all the others in Toronto? That's simple, it's our acute attention to detail. We pay attention to everything. If we do a design build for you, it will be to the letter. If we win a bid for a specialized part of your project, it will be the very definition of precision. Our attention to detail is legendary and we will always deliver a quality product to you at the most cost-effective way possible, while still staying within your time line. You will find that our number one priority is you and completing your project on time and within budget. We are always health and safety conscience and our team members will treat your property like its their own.

Our Craftsmanship cannot be beat

When trying to ensure that you project is going to stay on budget, it is extremely important to have good and open communication between all parties that are going to be involved in your project. You need to make sure that your project manager is openly communicating with all of the subcontractors involved with the undertaking and any other company or individual that is going to be associated with your project. Along with our already phenomenal preconstruction estimate services Vamar Construction likes to incorporate fixed price contracting into most general contracting projects. We look forward to working on your project.

We Create Unique & Gorgeous Environments

General Contracting

When trying to ensure that you project is going to stay on budget, it is extremely important to have good and open communication between all parties that are going to be involved in your project. You need to make sure that your project manager is openly communicating with all of the subcontractors involved with the undertaking and any other company or individual that is going to be associated with your project. Along with our already phenomenal preconstruction estimate services Vamar Construction likes to incorporate fixed price contracting into most general contracting projects.

As is custom in our industry, most often on regular general construction projects (commercial, residential, renovations, etc) the contractor is the person that works with the developing party to determine the plan for the project. Under your typical fixed price general contract you will find that the contractor is responsible for ensuring that the project doesn't go over-budget or off schedule. You are going to always get some of the best leadership in the construction industry when you choose Vamar Construction. You simply will no have to worry about your project expenses getting out of hand with our fixed price contracting. We will ensure that you know what is going on every minute of your project. You can always count on our team to ensure that you project is going to run as smoothly as possible and that every detail of your construction plan is followed to the letter.

You have dealt with inexperienced general contractors before and been let down by their lack of leadership, tools and expertise on the specific tasks that you need completed. Do not make the mistake of going with a company that doesn't have your best interests at heart. Our company is transparent, meaning that every step that we take in the construction process is in open view to you. We cannot wait to put our experience and customer service to work for you. Please contact us today if you have any questions about your next project.


Have you been searching the Toronto area for a construction company that you can trust with your next project? There are countless general contracting companies all over the GTA, but you want someone with experience. Our company has decades of experience in a number of fields in the contracting industry and we have the tools, connections and expertise that you need to get the most out of your next project in the time frame that you are needing. There many be nothing more frustrating than having to hear that your project is going to go over-budget and exceed your schedule. Most times those huge issues can be avoided if your management company has enough experience to know what's going on.

There is an old saying, “100 pennies equals a dollar”, meaning that a number of small things can equal something large if you allow it. Now we're all about dollars, but more importantly we're about making sure that you aren't losing money on our watch. If you choose Vamar Construction to manage your next project you are going to be getting one of the most trusted names in the GTA. We have built a solid reputation in our area by offering the utmost quality and honestly while service all of our clients. We make it our priority to complete our clients projects and make certain that they are completely satisfied with not only our work, but also our customer service. We have found over the years that being a reputable company takes this and so much more.

You want a company that can help you achieve top quality construction at the most cost-efficient way available. You will not find a company that pays more attention to detail than Vamar Constriction and that has helped up consistently meet our clients deadlines and keep them within their budget. Vamar Construction has the tools and experience necessary to help our clients focus on getting the best materials available and the best prices to complete their projects. Please contact us today to learn more about our exceptional management and construction services.

Design Build

If you are looking at undertaking an update to a building, a renovation or simply a few constriction project and would like to keep things as simple as possible, there is an innovative and unique solution to your dilemma. Vamar Construction offers a special way to deliver your next project. Design build projects can be very helpful ways to simplify projects.

The main difference in the traditional types of construction project contracts and design build contracts is that with traditional construction contracts there is a bidding system in place that calls upon an architect to complete a design for your project. After the architect puts in all of the finishing touches and gets the builders approval the bidding war begins. The contract will typically go to the contractor that places the lowest big for the project and then the construction project will begin. The company that won the bid is then responsible for completing the project according to the architects original designs.

The way a design build contract works is that the builder / owner negotiates the prices with the contractor and then places the entire project in the hands of one contractor or company. The company awarded the project is then responsible for gathering all of the necessary materials and subcontractors to complete the project within the time allotted and within the projects budget. There are multiple benefits to this type of system. Mainly because it keeps all of the information, communication and project problems coming from a single source. This greatly simplifies the role of the builder / owner and allows them to keep a close watch, but be completely hands-off during the process.

Many contractors enjoy doing these types of contracts because they tend to take the pressure off of the owner and allow them to take over the management of the project. Owners like these types of project contracts because they are much more budget accurate and flexible during the course of the project. Contact Vamar Construction today to learn more about our design build services.

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You can rest assured that vamar construction will always have safety on our minds. Our highly trained team will always treat your property like it's their own.

Vamar Construction Has Experience In Multiple Construction Fields

For decades Vamar Construction has been a name that people of the GTA have trusted. As Toronto and the surrounding areas have grown so has our company and we have met that growth in stride. Our company is well-known for the high quality construction work that we have done in both the residential and commercial sectors of our industry. We have taken on government projects as well and our list of clients is sure to impress most anyone, but our number one priority is always safety.

We Are Safety Conscience

You can rest assured that Vamar Construction will always have safety on our minds. Our company has been completely pledged to ensure that both your property and every person on the work site is using utmost amount of safety at every moment. It only takes a second to cause major damage or injury to a person or property and we will always work to remove any potential problem or safety issues from the construction site before they become safety issues.

Solving Safety Issues One Problem At A Time

All of our employees have been highly trained to be responsible for their peers, coworkers and their own personal health and safety at all times on the work site. Our management team is also highly trained to spot, avoid and creatively solve any potential safety issues that may take place before or during construction. Years of experience in the construction industry working on countless types of projects have sharpened our teams skills and understanding of dangerous work sites and they all know to treat every work site like its their own home or property.

Our Heath And Safety Guarantee

Our company, all of our employees and management will adhere to every and all industry standard health and safety mandates along with all national and environmental protocols as well. You have our guarantee that your property will be protected and taken care of every second that our team is on your project site.